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Der Atemcode

Nov 20, 2019

Esther Perel is a world-renowned relationship therapist, bestselling author, and a fantastic and inspiring speaker. She has given 20+ million viewed TED talks that had challenged the views of many people regarding sex, relationships, and infidelity.

I could not have thought of anyone who is more suitable (and more keen) for doing the interview with Esther than my wife Dina.

Dina Wittfoth is a neuroscientist working at the Medical School Hannover, Germany ( and has read and listened to all Esther has been published). She is my co-host of the podcast "Science on the Rocks". Dina made an incredible effort to make this interview happen!

The Shownotes are available at

6:25 Evidence-based vs. Eminence-based - Challenging dogmas

7:59 Building community and training with Esther - Her platform ‚Sessions‘

9:26 Let’s not be so sure - the truth of today is often the joke of tomorrow

10:48 Including the body in therapy vs. more ‚cerebral‘ approaches

12:58 ‚The State of Affairs‘ – Esther’s most recent NYT Bestseller

13:59 Post-traumatic growth - What it takes to learn from affairs

19:59 Can you afford honesty? Socioeconomic context and working with secrets in therapy

24:51 Freedom, self-reliance and interdependence in the Millennial generation

30:01 Community as an approach to life

36:58 Including the Body – Therapy is an experience, it’s not just a thought!

38:17 Translations and broadening the conversation – Synthesizers, Excavators and the therapeutic toolbox

41:58 What is essential? - Learning by writing, teaching and translating